100+ Hilarious Soup Names That Will Leave You in Stitches!

Are you tired of the same old boring soups with ordinary names?

Well, get ready to ladle up some laughter as we take you on a broth-filled journey through the wackiest and funniest soup names you’ve ever heard!

From pun-tastic bowls of ‘Brew-tiful Broth’ to ‘Tickle Your Tummy Tomato,’ we’ve got the silliest soups in town that will have you slurping and snickering simultaneously!

100 Hilarious Soup Names 

1. Chuckle Broth
2. Giggle Juice
3. Joke Stock
4. Witty Bitty
5. Pun-derful Soup
6. Snort Stew
7. Guffaw Gazpacho
8. Chortle Chowder
9. Snicker Noodle
10. Titter Tureen
11. Grin Gruel
12. Smirk Soup
13. Grin Gravy
14. Cackle Consommé
15. Cackle Cauldron
16. Grin Gumbo
17. Giggle Gravy
18. Giggle Gazpacho
19. Guffaw Gumbo
20. Snort Stock
21. Joke Juice
22. Pun Potage
23. Witty Wonton
24. Smirk Stew
25. Chuckle Chowder
26. Giggle Goulash
27. Snort Soup
28. Hilarious Hotpot
29. Silly Stew
30. Comical Consommé
31. Witty Won Ton
32. Laugh-Out-Loud Lentil
33. Jokester Jambalaya
34. Punny Pottage
35. Amusing Minestrone
36. Smirk-worthy Soba
37. Quirky Quinoa Bisque
38. Hysterical Harira
39. Playful Pho
40. Whimsical Wonton
41. Cheeky Chicken Noodle
42. Grin-Inducing Gazpacho
43. Droll Dumpling Delight
44. Smiling Split Pea
45. Mirthful Miso
46. Laughable Leek and Potato
47. Chuckling Coconut Curry
48. Side-Splitting Seafood Chowder
49. Haha Herbal Broth
50. Guffawing Goulash
51. Waggish Wonton
52. Jocular Jalapeño Bisque
53. Rolling-on-the-Floor Ramen
54. Hilarious Halibut Stew
55. Hearty Haha Harvest
56. Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Tortilla
57. Gleeful Gumbo
58. Snickering Spinach and Sorrel
59. Mirthful Mushroom Minestrone
60. Whimsy Wild Rice
61. Sassy Sausage and Cabbage
62. Amusing Asparagus and Artichoke
63. Laughable Lobster Bisque
64. Giggling Gouda Goulash
65. Playful Pesto Pea
66. Droll Delicata Squash
67. Witty Wild Mushroom
68. Hysterical Hodgepodge
69. Grinning Gnocchi
70. Amused Avocado and Almond
71. Sidesplitting Sorghum
72. Jovial Jicama and Jackfruit
73. Happy-Go-Lucky Hempseed
74. Rib-Tickling Rutabaga
75. Guffawing Garbanzo
76. Cheery Cheddar Chowder
77. Snicker-worthy Seaweed and Sesame
78. Giggling Ginger and Garlic
79. Quizzical Quail and Quinoa
80. Silly Squash and Sage
81. Whimsical Watercress and Walnut
82. Laughable Lentil and Lime
83. Mirthful Mung Bean and Mint
84. Punny Pinto and Paprika
85. Jocular Jalepeño and Jackfruit
86. Haha Hazelnut and Haricot
87. Giddy Garam Masala and Ginger
88. Hearty Hummus and Herbs
89. Gleeful Grits and Gouda
90. Amusing Artichoke and Allspice
91. Chuckling Chickpea and Chervil
92. Laughing Lavender and Leek
93. Smiling Sorrel and Sumac
94. Pleased Parsley and Pumpkin
95. Punny Peppercorn and Pea
96. Waggish Wasabi and Walnut
97. Mirthful Millet and Mushroom
98. Droll Dill and Dulse
99. Sassy Saffron and Sage
100. Tummy-Tickling Tofu and Turmeric

Before we bid farewell and slurp our way into the sunset, remember, life’s too short for bland soups and serious faces!

So next time you’re craving a giggle with your grub, whip up one of these side-splitting soups.

Share the laughter with friends and family.

Happy chuckling and happy cooking!

Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman, the laughter maestro behind the scenes, is a comedic genius with a knack for tickling funny bones. With her wit and infectious humor, she's dedicated to spreading joy and smiles, one joke at a time.

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