82+ Hilarious Seafood Jokes Will Have You Hooked!

Are you ready to dive deep into the ocean of laughter?

Get ready for a belly-full of chuckles as we serve up some fin-tastic seafood jokes that will have you hooked!

From shrimply hilarious puns to clamorous one-liners, prepare to shell-ebrate the lighter side of the sea!

82 Hilarious Seafood Jokes & Puns List 

1. Why couldn’t the lobster share his toys? Because he was shellfish.
2. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.
3. Why couldn’t the clam get a loan? Because he had bad mussel credit.
4. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese.
5. Why couldn’t the little mermaid wear bikinis? Because she only had shell bras.
6. What do you call a fish with no eyes and no nose? A blin dfsh.
7. Why couldn’t the crab play cards? Because he kept getting pinched for cheating.
8. Why couldn’t the little mermaid stand up? Because she had crabs.
9. What did the shrimp say to the crab? “Don’t be shellfish!”
10. Why did the lobster blush? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!
11. How do you know if a fish is musical? It can play scales!
12. Why did the clam go to the library? It wanted to find a good “shellf” help book!
13. What do you call a fish magician? A “cod”-napper!
14. How do you make an octopus laugh? Give it ten-tickles!
15. What’s a fish’s favorite instrument? The bass guitar, of course!
16. Why did the oyster refuse to share? It was a little shellfish!
17. What do you call a snobbish crab? A “snobby-doo!”
18. Why did the crab never share its food? It was too “claw”strophobic!
19. What do you call a fish who wears a crown? King Neptune-tune!
20. How do fish stay up to date? They read “coral” magazines!
21. What’s a lobster’s favorite romantic activity? Watching “claw”-mantic comedies!
22. Why did the shrimp bring a treasure map? It wanted to find a “shrimpressed” mate!
23. What’s a squid’s favorite subject in school? Ink-ology!
24. How do fish flirt underwater? They drop some serious “bait”!
25. Why don’t lobsters like to share? They’re a little “shellfishish”!
26. What’s a fish’s favorite party game? Salmon says!
27. How do you invite a crab to a party? Send out “crab-grab” invitations!
28. What do you call a fish that wears a crown and sits on a throne? A “king-cod”!
29. Why did the fish blush? It saw the ocean’s bottom, and it was shell-shocked!
30. How do you organize a seafood competition? With “sole”-mn precision!
31. Why was the fisherman so good at playing cards? He knew all the “fin”-esse moves!
32. What do you call a fish with a bad memory? A “gold-fish”!
33. Why don’t fish like playing basketball? They’re afraid of the “net”!
34. What’s a shrimp’s favorite game? “Prawn” to be wild!
35. What did the oyster say to the clam? “You’re a real pearl in my life!”
36. How did the lobster propose to his girlfriend? With a “claw”-some ring!
37. Why was the crab so grumpy? It was dealing with too many “crabby” customers!
38. What do you call a fish that wears a crown and tells jokes? A “comedy-cod”!
39. How do lobsters call their friends? On their “shell”-phones!
40. Why did the fish blush while watching a movie? Because it had a “fintastic” time!
41. What’s a fish’s favorite instrument to play? The “scales”ophone!
42. Why did the clam give all its money away? It wanted to be “shellthier”!
43. What do you call a fish that’s a fast swimmer? A “quick-silver”!
44. How do lobsters express their love? They give each other “claw”-dles!
45. Why don’t lobsters share secrets? They’re afraid of getting “crab-tured”!
46. What did the oyster say when it won an award? “I’m shell-ebrating!”
47. How do you make a fish laugh? Tell it a whale of a joke!
48. What’s a crab’s favorite dance move? The “claw”-slide!
49. Why don’t fish like going to court? They’re afraid of getting “trout”-ed!
50. What did the fisherman say to the disobedient fish? “You’re really kraken me up!”
51. How do you organize a seafood orchestra? With “tuna”-sion and harmony!
52. What do you call a fish that’s a great detective? Sherlock Holmes!
53. Why did the oyster blush? It saw the clam-did camera!
54. What’s a shrimp’s favorite TV show? “Prawn”-stars!
55. Why don’t fish make good musicians? They can’t handle the scales!
56. How do you find out if a fish is honest? You give it a “gill”-ty test!
57. What’s a crab’s favorite sport? “Shell”-boarding!
58. Why don’t oysters donate to charity? They’re already “shell”-f-sufficient!
59. What’s a fish’s favorite song? “Salmon-chanted Evening”!
60. How do fish wish each other good luck? They say, “Fins crossed!”
61. Why did the lobster refuse to play hide-and-seek? It was afraid of being “claw”-vered!
62. What did the shrimp say to the flirty lobster? “Don’t get “crabby” with me!”
63. What’s a fish’s favorite dessert? Salmon mousse!
64. How do fish keep their money safe? In a “safety-fish” box!
65. Why did the oyster get invited to all the parties? It was “clamorous” and charming!
66. What’s a shrimp’s favorite hobby? “Prawn”-ography!
67. How do fish learn new things? They go to “school”!
68. Why don’t oysters tell secrets? They keep everything “shell”-cret!
69. What’s a fish’s favorite movie genre? “Fintasy” films!
70. How do fish navigate the internet? They use their “fish-net” browser!
71. What did the crab say to the fish? “You’re fin-tastic!”
72. Why don’t lobsters share their food? They don’t want to “clam” it’s not theirs!
73. What’s a fish’s favorite card game? Go-“fish”!
74. How do lobsters communicate underwater? Through “claw”-rence calls!
75. Why did the fish blush at the party? It saw the ocean’s “hottest” catch!
76. What do you call a fish that’s a great dancer? Fred “e-fish”tair!
77. How do you organize a seafood protest? With “shrimp”-orary leaders!
78. Why don’t fish play instruments in the orchestra? They tend to “scale” off-key!
79. What’s a lobster’s favorite dessert? “Shell”-ato ice cream!
80. How do fish settle arguments? They have a “fin”-al showdown!
81. Why did the crab never get promoted? It was too “shellfish” to be a team player!
82. What did the shrimp say to the lobster after a long day? “Let’s clam it a night!

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Until then, keep on swimming and keep on laughing!

Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman

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