97+ July Puns : Hilarious Jokes to Keep the Summer Sizzle!

Summertime is here, and it’s hotter than ever!

Get ready to laugh your way through the month with our collection of July puns that will make the sun jealous of your bright smiles!

List Of 97 July puns & Jokes

1. Why couldn’t the July go to the party? Because it was too hot to handle!
2. What do you call a July without any money? Broke-ly.
3. Why couldn’t the July find its shoes? Because they were mis-July-aneous.
4. Why couldn’t the July read the book? Because it had too many pop-up ads.
5. Why couldn’t the July ride the bike? Because it had two July-wheels.
6. Why couldn’t the July get a job? It was un-July-fied.
7. Why couldn’t the July make any friends? Because it was so-July-tary.
8. Why couldn’t the July get a date? Because it was un-July-vable.
9. Why couldn’t the July swim in the ocean? Because it was un-July-mited.
10. Why couldn’t the July get a loan? Because it had no July-nity.
11. Why couldn’t the July find its way home? Because it was July-st.
12. Why couldn’t the July get a haircut? Because the barber said “July, no!”
13. Why couldn’t the July get a new phone? Because it was un-July-gible.
14. Why couldn’t the July play sports? Because it was un-July-thletic.
15. Why couldn’t the July get a job interview? Because it was un-July-ble.
16. Why couldn’t the July get a new car? Because it was un-July-gant.
17. Why couldn’t the July get a refund? Because it was un-July-able.
18. Why couldn’t the July get a new pet? Because it was un-July-ble.
19. Why couldn’t the July get a raise? Because it was un-July-table.
20. Why couldn’t the July get a new house? Because it was un-July-able.
21. Why couldn’t the July get a new computer? Because it was un-July-gible.
22. Why couldn’t the July get a new TV? Because it was un-July-able.
23. Why did the calendar break up with July? It couldn’t handle the overwhelming “hot” and “cold” behavior!
24. July is like a popular summer song – it’s catchy, everyone loves it, and you can’t get it out of your head!
25. Did you hear about the comedian who only told July jokes? He was a real “stand-up” guy!
26. What’s a ghost’s favorite month? Ghoul-ly!
27. Why did the sun go to therapy in July? It needed to work on its “burn-out” issues!
28. I wanted to make a July-themed pizza, but it turned out too hot to handle – it was a “pie-rometer” disaster!
29. The thermometer couldn’t find a date for July, so it said, “I’m just not Celsius right now!”
30. How do bees stay cool in July? They go to the “buzzing” pool!
31. July always tells the best jokes – it’s a real “humor-mongous” month!
32. I tried to have a picnic in July, but the bugs were so bad, it was like “in-sectacle” warfare!
33. What’s a pirate’s favorite month? “Trea-sun-ry!”
34. July is like a fashion model – always bringing the heat on the catwalk!
35. Did you hear about the calendar that tried to escape July? It was just “day-camp” for survival!
36. How do plants stay entertained in July? They watch “root”-ball matches!
37. Why was the broomstick excited about July? It couldn’t wait to “sweep” people off their feet!
38. July is the month for adventurous eaters – it’s when restaurants serve “blazin’-July” wings!
39. What do you call a July celebration in space? “Star-spangled laughter!”
40. The coffee shop introduced a new July blend – it’s “roast-ingly” good!
41. Why did the tomato turn red in July? It saw the salad dressing, and it was “dressed” to impress!
42. July loves reading jokes – it’s quite the “pun-dit”!
43. Why did the scarecrow get invited to the July party? It was outstanding in its “field”!
44. How do you throw a July-themed party? With “sun”-sational decorations and plenty of “sparkle”!
45. July loves to visit the beach – it’s a “shore” thing!
46. The baker was excited about July – time to “bake” some great memories!
47. What do you call a July concert? A “rock”-ing good time!
48. July has the best sense of humor – it’s simply “humerous”!
49. Why was the math book sad in July? It had too many “problems” to solve!
50. What do you get when you mix July and a computer? A “hot-spot” of laughter!
51. The ice cream shop unveiled a July-themed flavor – “in-credi-berry”!
52. July loves reading mystery novels – it’s always looking for a “thrill”!
53. How do trees stay cool in July? They “branch” out and catch some shade!
54. Why did the tomato refuse to play hide-and-seek in July? It didn’t want to get “salsa” in its eyes!
55. The letter “J” had a chat with July, saying, “You’re just a ‘joke’-ster!”
56. What do you call a July heatwave in the Arctic? “The great melt-down”!
57. Why did the kite go on vacation in July? It needed a “string” of adventures!
58. July loves watching fireworks – it’s all about the “boom-tastic” show!
59. What’s the sun’s favorite type of humor? “Solar” jokes!
60. July is like a roller coaster – full of ups and downs, but it always leaves you laughing!
61. How does the ocean celebrate July? With a “wave” of laughter!
62. Why was the skeleton afraid of July? It couldn’t handle the “bone-chilling” excitement!
63. What’s a dog’s favorite month? “Juleap”!
64. July always has the best dance moves – it’s a real “hip” month!
65. The musician composed a song about July – it was truly “note”-worthy!
66. What do you get when you cross July and a detective? A “sleuth”-y month!
67. July loves roller-skating – it’s all about the “wheel”-ly good time!
68. Why was the baseball team excited about July? They couldn’t wait to “catch” some fun!
69. What did the July flower say to the bee? “You really ‘petal’ to my sense of humor!”
70. July is like a big hug – warm, comforting, and full of joy!
71. The scientist had a theory about July – it’s when laughter reaches its “peak”!
72. Why did the elephant bring a fan to the July party? It was tired of being the “hot”-stepper!
73. July loves telling time-related jokes – it’s a real “tickler”!
74. What’s a lion’s favorite month? “July-on”!
75. Why did the sandwich go to the July party? It heard there would be “plenty of fillin’ fun”!
76. What’s a gardener’s favorite month? “Juli-blooms”!
77. July is like a good book – it captivates you from the first page to the last!
78. Why did the chef love July? It was perfect for some “sizzle” and spice!
79. What’s a duck’s favorite month? “Quack-tastic July”!
80. July is like a summer blockbuster – full of action, excitement, and laughs!
81. Why did the bicycle go on a July adventure? It wanted to “pedal” to the metal!
82. What’s a monkey’s favorite month? “Juleap” of faith!
83. July loves watching comedies – it’s a real “giggle-fest”!
84. Why did the cucumber want to be in a July movie? It was ready for its “dill”-ing debut!
85. What do you get when you mix July and a DJ? A “hot mix” of laughter!
86. The artist painted a portrait of July – it was truly “p-art”-y!
87. Why was the piano excited about July? It couldn’t wait to “key” into the fun!
88. What’s a vampire’s favorite month? “July-sucker”!
89. July loves playing hide-and-seek – it’s all about the “sun”-ny surprises!
90. Why did the fish celebrate July? It was “fin-tastic”!
91. What’s a bear’s favorite month? “Grin and July bear it”!
92. July is like a comedy show – it leaves you laughing until your sides hurt!
93. Why did the strawberry blush in July? It saw the fruit salad and thought, “Berrilicious!”
94. What’s a spider’s favorite month? “Web-slinging July”!
95. July loves reading sci-fi novels – it’s a real “outerspace” of laughter!
96. Why did the crayon want to go on vacation in July? It was ready for some “colorful” adventures!
97. What do you call a July beach party? “Sandy-larious fun”!

As July bids us farewell and the sun sets on this pun-tastic adventure, remember, laughter is the ultimate summer accessory.

Keep spreading those smiles, and stay tuned for more pun-filled antics!

Catch you on the sunny side!

Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman, the laughter maestro behind the scenes, is a comedic genius with a knack for tickling funny bones. With her wit and infectious humor, she's dedicated to spreading joy and smiles, one joke at a time.

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