75+ Funny Shrek Quotes : Get Ogre the Best One-Liners Now!

Get ready to burst into laughter as we dive into the wacky world of Shrek hilarious quotes!

From swampy one-liners to Donkey’s epic wisecracks, we’ve gathered the most side-splitting moments to brighten your day.

So grab your onion and let’s embark on a journey of ogre-sized laughter!

List Of 75 Shrek hilarious quotes

1. “Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me.”
2. “I like my swamp and I like my privacy.”
3. “Get out of my swamp!”
4. “Don’t judge a book by its cover. Except if it’s the menu, then you can judge the food by the picture.”
5. “I’m an onion. You leave me alone, I leave you alone.”
6. “I’m warning you. If you wear leather pants, the whole swamp will be able to smell you coming from miles away.”
7. “I like my alone time. It’s me time.”
8. “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
9. “I’m not the wrong freak. You’re the wrong freak!”
10. “I’m just a big, stupid, ugly ogre. I should be living in some swamp.”
11. “I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.”
12. “I’m gonna be sick!”
13. “I like scary movies.”
14. “I’m allergic to donkeys.”
15. “I don’t do that ogre stuff anymore. I’m a changed ogre.”
16. “I’m an action figure! Collect the whole set!”
17. “I’m not the monster here. You are!”
18. “You know what? Maybe there is more to life than just being really, really, ridiculously good looking.”
19. “I’m a sensitive soul! Though I seem thick-skinned, I’m easily hurt by cruel comments about my looks or lifestyle.”
20. “I may be big and ugly, but I still have feelings!”
21. “I may stink, but I have a good heart.”
22. “I may be an ogre, but I have layers. Lots of layers.”
23. “I may be ugly on the outside, but I’m beautiful on the inside.”
24. “I may be scary, but I’m really quite cuddly.”
25. “I may be green, but my heart is gold.”
26. “I may look like a monster, but I’m really just misunderstood.”
27. “I may seem gruff, but I’m actually quite sensitive.”
28. “I may be big and scary, but I’m actually a big softie.”
29. “I may be ugly, but I have a beautiful soul.”
30. “I may be an ogre, but I have feelings too.”
31. “I may be green, but I’m not mean.”
32. “I may be big, but I have a big heart.”
33. “I may be scary, but I’m really quite harmless.”
34. “I may be different, but we’re all the same on the inside.”
35. “I may be an ogre, but I still deserve love.”
36. “I may be green, but I’m not jealous.”
37. “I may stink, but I have good intentions.”
38. “I may be scary, but I come in peace.”
39. “I may be ugly, but I’m kind.”
40. “I may be different, but we all want the same things.”
41. “I may be an ogre, but I have a heart of gold.”
42. “I may be green, but I’m not mean.”
43. “I may be big, but I have a gentle soul.”
44. “I may be scary, but I’m harmless.”
45. “I may be ugly, but I’m beautiful on the inside.”
46. “I may be different, but we’re more alike than we realize.”
47. “I may be an ogre, but I still have feelings.”
48. “I may be green, but I’m not jealous – I’m just green!”
49. “They say laughter is the best medicine, but I think ogre-size hugs from Shrek might just do the trick!”
50. “Shrek always carries a map with him – it’s called ‘Swamp Quest’!”
51. “Why did Shrek go to art school? To learn how to draw even more attention to his swamptastic personality!”
52. “What do you get when you cross Shrek with a computer? An ogre-sized byte!”
53. “Shrek’s favorite part of a fairy tale? The ‘ogre’-ture!”
54. “Why did Shrek become a chef? Because he loves adding a ‘dash’ of swampy flavor to every dish!”
55. “You know Shrek is good with kids when he’s always the go-to babysitter in the kingdom – ‘Ogresitting’ services at their finest!”
56. “Shrek’s favorite dance move? The ‘Swamp Shuffle’!”
57. “How does Shrek enjoy his morning tea? Ogre-easy with a dash of honeycomb!”
58. “Why did Shrek take up painting? He wanted to create ‘masterpieces’ with layers just like his onions!”
59. “Shrek’s idea of a romantic date? A candlelit dinner in the swamp – talk about ‘mud’-dled love!”
60. “What did Shrek say when he won the lottery? ‘I’m ogre the moon!'”
61. “Shrek’s least favorite subject in school? Math – he prefers ogre-nomical calculations!”
62. “Why did Shrek become a gardener? He wanted to ‘grow’ his own swampy paradise!”
63. “Shrek’s favorite hairstyle? The ‘swamp’-doo!”
64. “What do you call it when Shrek tells a joke? An ogre-kill!”
65. “Why did Shrek and Donkey start a band? For their ‘ogre’-whelming musical talent, of course!”
66. “What’s Shrek’s favorite type of music? Ogre-chestra classics!”
67. “Shrek’s favorite fitness activity? ‘Ogre’-bics!”
68. “Why did Shrek visit the doctor? To get his daily dose of ‘laugh-ter’!”
69. “Shrek’s favorite type of cookie? ‘Ginger-shrek’ men!”
70. “What’s Shrek’s favorite board game? ‘Ogre’-opoly!”
71. “Shrek’s preferred method of communication? ‘Ogre’-mail!”
72. “Why did Shrek become a writer? To pen down his ‘ogre’-whelming thoughts and feelings!”
73. “What’s Shrek’s favorite superhero? ‘The Incred-ogre’!”
74. “Shrek’s favorite party game? ‘Pin the Tail on the Dragon’!”
75. “Why did Shrek start a restaurant? To serve up ‘ogre’-licious dishes!”

As Shrek would say, ‘It’s time to say goodbye, but not “ogre” yet!

We hope these Shrek quotes brought some laughter into your day, just like Donkey does for Shrek.

Remember, the humor never ends in the swamp! Stay green and keep laughing!


Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman

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