145+ Eye Puns That Will Make You Blink Twice!

Are you ready to see the world through a hilarious lens?

Brace yourselves for a pun-tastic adventure that’ll have your eyes rolling (in laughter, of course)! We’ve gathered the funniest Eye puns from all corners of the internet, so sit back, relax, and get ready to witness the comedy spectacle unfold.

List of 145 Eye Puns & Jokes

1. That joke was eye-conic.
2. Eye think you need to look at that again.
3. Eye see what you did there.
4. Eye have a good feeling about this.
5. Eye’m watching you.
6. Eye don’t believe you.
7. Eye have my eye on you.
8. Eye see a bright future ahead.
9. Eye’m not buying that.
10. Eye’m all ears.
11. Eye’m keeping my eye on the prize.
12. Eye’m keeping both eyes open.
13. Eye’m not blind to your intentions.
14. Eye’m wide awake.
15. Eye’m all eyes.
16. Eye’m all eyes and ears.
17. Eye’ll be the judge of that.
18. Eye’ll keep that in mind.
19. Eye’ll see you later.
20. Eye’ll keep an eye out.
21. Eye’ll keep my eyes peeled.
22. Eye’ll give you an eyeball.
23. Eye’ll give you the eye.
24. Eye’ll keep an eye on the situation.
25. Eye’ll keep my eyes open.
26. Eye’ll keep both eyes open.
27. Eye’ll keep an eye on it.
28. Eye’ll keep an eye out for that.
29. Eye’ll keep an eyeball on it.
30. Eye’ll keep my peepers peeled.
31. Eye’ll keep my peepers open.
32. Eye’ll keep my lamps lit.
33. Eye’ll keep my lamps peeled.
34. Eye’ll keep my lamps open.
35. Eye’ll keep my peepers lit.
36. Eye’ll keep my lamps aglow.
37. Eye’ll keep my lamps aglitter.
38. Eye’ll keep my lamps agleam.
39. Eye’ll keep my lamps agaze.
40. Eye’ll keep my lamps ablaze.
41. Eye’ll keep my lamps alight.
42. Eye’ll keep my lamps alert.
43. Eye’ll keep my lamps alive.
44. Eye’ll keep my lamps awake.
45. Eye’ll keep my lamps aware.
46. Eye’ll keep my lamps bright.
47. Eye’ll keep my lamps burning.
48. Eye’ll keep my lamps lit up.
49. Eye’ll keep my lamps shining.
50. Eye’ll keep my lamps vigilant.
51. Eye’ll keep my lamps watchful.
52. Eye’ll keep my lamps wide open.
53. Eye’ll keep my lamps with it.
54. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the lookout.
55. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the case.
56. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the job.
57. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the ball.
58. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the watch.
59. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the prowl.
60. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
61. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the search.
62. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the scout.
63. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
64. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
65. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
66. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
67. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
68. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
69. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
70. Eye’ll keep my lamps on the hunt.
71. I used to be a photographer, but I developed a bad shutter eye.
72. The optometrist had a great vision for success—she could really see eye to eye with her patients.
73. When the ophthalmologist told the comedian his vision was blurry, he replied, “”Well, that’s just how I see eye to eye with the world!
74. The eye doctor always had a sharp focus. He was really good at cornea-ing about his patients.
75. The optician was so dedicated, she didn’t mind working overtime. She saw it as an extra iris-ponsible duty.
76. I tried to make a joke about eyes, but I just couldn’t frame it right.
77. The eye doctor was an expert at finding humor. She had a great sense of retinaculousness.
78. The pirate told the optometrist, “”I’m seeing aye to aye!
79. The eyes were having a party, and everyone had a cornea time!
80. The comedian’s eye was so sharp, he always had a good retina joke up his sleeve.
81. I told my friend I had a great pun about eyes, but it turned out to be a cornea-virus joke.
82. The fashion model with eye problems couldn’t see herself wearing glasses. It just didn’t frame her well.
83. The mathematician loved geometry, but his favorite shape was the eye-soceles triangle.
84. The eye doctor’s favorite movie was “”The Corneacles of Narnia.””
85. I wanted to make an eye pun, but all the good ones have already been ocular-copied.
86. The cow couldn’t see well, so it went to the moo-seum to get some eye-deas.
87. The artist’s favorite eye color was “”hue-man eyes.
88. When the detective solved the eye case, he said, “”I’ve got my eye on the culprit!””
89. The eye doctor tried to cheer up her patient by saying, “”You’ve got an iris-istible smile!””
90. The magician said, “”Watch closely, because this trick is eye-popping!””
91. The optician was a great listener. He always lent an ear to his patients’ eye problems.
92. The optometrist’s favorite type of music was “”eye-strumentals.””
93. The fish wanted to be an eye doctor, but it couldn’t pass the ocular test.
94. The optician loved telling jokes because they made people’s pupils dilate with laughter.
95. I went to the optometrist and said, “”I think I need an eye-phone. I’m not seeing things clearly.””
96. The eye surgeon had a good reputation. Patients said they always left with a cornea smile.
97. The comedian made an eye joke, but it didn’t land well. The audience was just iris-sponsive.
98. The eyes went on a date, and they couldn’t stop gazing into each other’s souls.
99. The blind dog went to the eye doctor and said, “”I can’t see, but I’ve got a great nose for humor.””
100. The farmer wore sunglasses in the field, so the crows wouldn’t see him corn-templating.
101. The eye doctor said to the patient, “”You’ve got 20/20 vision—20 dollars for the visit, 20 dollars for the glasses!
102. The eye puns were so good, they made people tear up with laughter.
103. The eye doctor’s office was always bright and lively because it had a great eye-nterior design.
104. The optometrist was feeling sad, so the comedian told her, “”Don’t worry, you’ll see better days ahead!””
105. The eyeball wanted to go on vacation, but it didn’t have a passport. It was stuck iris-ponsibly.
106. The eye chart went to the optician and said, “”I think I need glasses. I’m not seeing things clearly anymore.
107. The optometrist had a special talent—she could always iris-istibly attract new patients.
108. The eye doctor loved playing cards. He said it helped him see things from a different angle.
109. The eyes went on a road trip and saw sights that were retina-ry.
110. The eye surgeon liked to tell jokes during surgeries. It kept his patients’ spirits retina-high.
111. The optician’s favorite book was “”War and Iris.””
112. The eye doctor had a great bedside manner. She always made her patients feel vitreous.
113. The photographer’s assistant said, “”I’m really good at catching the right focus. You could say I have a knack for it.
114. The eye doctor told the patient, “”Your eyes are truly a-sight to behold!””
115. The comedian had a favorite eye-related joke: “”Why did the eyes go to school? To improve their grades!
116. The optician loved studying astronomy. He was always stargazing through his eye-scope.
117. The baby’s first word was “”eye.”” Everyone said it was a sight for sore ears!
118. The eye doctor had a great sense of humor. She could always iris-tibly make you laugh.
119. The owl told his friend, “”I love being nocturnal. It gives me a real eye-dea of what’s happening in the world.
120. The glasses asked the contact lenses, “”Do you ever feel like you’re in the eye of the storm?””
121. The optometrist told the comedian, “”Your jokes are so funny, they make my retinas shake!””
122. The bee said, “”I’m a real honey to the eyes!””
123. The eyes went on a shopping spree and said, “”We’re going to have a great iris-istible haul!””
124. The eye doctor was really good at making people feel comfortable. He always had a good eye-nking about his patients’ needs.
125. The blind date between the eyes was love at first sight!
126. The optician loved playing chess. He said it helped him see the board clearly, eye to eye.
127. The eye doctor told the patient, “”You’re a real spectacle!””
128. The glasses went to the party and said, “”I’m ready to have a spectac-eye-lar time!
129. The comedian told the eye joke so well, it was a cornea stone of his routine.
130. The eyes wanted to go bungee jumping, but they chickened out. They were just too cornea-phobic!
131. The eye doctor said to the patient, “”Your eyes are truly the apple of my iris!””
132. The optometrist loved listening to classical music. It helped him relax and focus his eyes on the notes.
133. The comedian said, “”I don’t always tell eye jokes, but when I do, they’re tear-rific!””
134. The eyes couldn’t stop laughing—they were having a cornea-sutra time!
135. The sunglasses said, “”I’m always on the lookout for some shady humor.””
136. The optician loved gardening. He said it helped him see the beauty in every iris.
137. The eyes went on a diet and said, “”We’re cutting back on the cornea-cookies!””
138. The eye doctor told the patient, “”Your eyes are like two dazzling supernovas!””
139. The comedian said, “”I used to have a third eye, but it couldn’t see the humor in things.””
140. The glasses went to the gym and said, “”We’re working on our oculars!””
141. The optician was great at fixing broken frames. He had a knack for giving them a spectac-eye-lar recovery.
142. The eyes were always searching for good jokes—they had a great comedy cornea-dar.
143. The eye doctor told the patient, “”You’re a real vision of hilarity!””
144. The comedian said, “”I’m so good at eye jokes, people call me the humor-optometrist!””
145. The eyes couldn’t decide which movie to watch, so they settled for a cornea-dian special instead.

Well, folks, it’s time to close our eyes on this pun-filled journey.

We hope these eye puns made you see the brighter side of life and brought a sparkle to your day.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, especially when you’ve got a good eye for humor! Stay tuned for more optical entertainment, and until next time, keep those puns in your sight!

Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman

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