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81 Hilarious Drink Jokes & Puns List

1. Why couldn’t the juice box pour itself? It didn’t have the capabilities.
2. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese.
3. What do you call a can of soup that tells bad jokes? A lame can.
4. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.
5. What do you call a cow with two legs? Lean beef.
6. What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop.
7. Why did the lemon refuse to share its lemonade recipe? It was too top-secret-citrus!
8. The bartender told me a joke about coffee, but I couldn’t espresso how funny it was!
9. I tried to tell a joke about tea, but it was steeped in controversy.
10. Why did the grape juice go to therapy? It couldn’t handle the grape expectations!
11. What do you call a drink that’s always punctual? A time-lychee!
12. I asked the bartender for a punchline, but all I got was fruit punch.
13. Why did the soda go to art school? It wanted to master the fizzy-cal arts!
14. The coconut water couldn’t find its passport, so it had to cancel its tropical vacation.
15. The orange juice was feeling a bit pulp-fictional.
16. Why was the cola such a good detective? It always cracked the fizz!
17. What did the bartender say to the grapefruit juice? “You’re looking mighty citrus-ted today!”
18. The whiskey and the vermouth couldn’t agree on their cocktail’s name. It was a real case of martini strife!
19. Why did the fruit punch always win the dance competitions? It had the best moves, of course!
20. The tomato juice had a real crush on the hot sauce – it just couldn’t ketchup!
21. The tonic water started telling jokes, but it was too flat.
22. Why was the sparkling water so bubbly and sociable? It had the best “fizz-ical” personality!
23. What do you call a drink that makes dad jokes? A “pop” culture reference!
24. Why did the energy drink win the science fair? It had the most “electrifying” presentation!
25. The milkshake’s favorite type of music? Anything “shake, rattle, and roll”!
26. The smoothie was always so zen – it was a real blend of calmness.
27. Why did the grape juice break up with the wine? It said it needed some “personal grape-th”!
28. The root beer was always the “tuber” of attention at parties!
29. What did the bartender say when the soda wanted to become an astronaut? “You’re really reaching for the fizz!”
30. The vodka couldn’t tell a joke without slurring its words – it had too much proof!
31. The beer loved to travel – it was quite the “wander-ale!”
32. Why did the lemonade go to school? To improve its lemon-ed skills!
33. The soda was a great dancer – it really knew how to “pop” and lock!
34. What’s the water’s favorite kind of music? H2-Opera!
35. The scotch loved to make puns, but sometimes they were too “neat” for others to handle!
36. Why did the espresso go to therapy? It was feeling a bit “espresso-depressed.”
37. The ginger ale was always the “root” of the party!
38. What do you call a drink that’s always prepared? An “on the rocks” star!
39. The fruit punch and the soda were best friends – they had an “un-fizz-toppable” bond!
40. Why did the lemon slice refuse to tell its age? It didn’t want to reveal its zestful secrets!
41. The beer was always “hoppy” to see its friends!
42. What did the ice cubes say to the lemonade? “You’ve got some serious ‘cool’ flavor!”
43. The coffee and the tea were inseparable – they were the ultimate “brew-mance!”
44. Why did the orange juice start meditating? It wanted to achieve “inner zest-ness.”
45. The soda couldn’t perform on stage – it always got too “carbon-ated!”
46. What did the juice box say to the straw? “You really ‘suck’ at your job!”
47. The water and the lemonade were always arguing – they couldn’t find “complime-mint!”
48. Why was the soda such a terrible comedian? It couldn’t find the right “fizz-ture” of speech!
49. The cocktail had a great sense of humor – it was always “shaking” with laughter!
50. What did the juice say to the blender? “I can’t believe we’re ‘mixing’ like this!”
51. The soda had a secret – it was a real “fizz-ninja”!
52. Why did the lime file a police report? It was the victim of a “sour” crime!
53. The tea loved to do magic tricks – it could “disap-pea” in an instant!
54. What do you call a funny drink? A “beverage of laughter“!
55. The soda was always a “soda-light” at parties!
56. Why did the coffee blush? Because it saw the tea kettle “steaming”!
57. The juice was always “pulp”-ular with its friends!
58. What did the soda say to the lemonade? “You’re one ‘juicy’ companion!”
59. The cocktail was the life of the party – it had a real “spirited” personality!
60. Why was the tea always in trouble? It had a real “brew-havior” problem!
61. The soda loved to play hide-and-seek – it was a real “soda-king” champion!
62. What did the juice say when it bumped into the soda? “Oops, I didn’t ‘con-centrate’!”
63. The water loved to tell jokes – it had a real “wet” sense of humor!
64. Why did the milkshake break up with the ice cream? It said it needed some “personal ‘chill’ space”!
65. The cocktail was so smooth – it had a real “jazz” about it!
66. What did the soda say when it won an award? “I’m ‘fizz-tastic’!”
67. The smoothie was always up for adventure – it was a true “blend” of courage!
68. Why did the wine go to acting school? It wanted to improve its “dramatic” skills!
69. The soda was a real “bubbly” character!
70. What did the lemon say to the orange juice? “You’ve got some serious ‘squeeze’ appeal!”
71. The juice was feeling a bit lonely – it was a real “single-serve” type.
72. Why did the coffee go to the comedy club? To get a “latte” laughs!
73. The soda and the lemonade were always at odds – it was a real “fizz-natic” relationship!
74. What do you call a drink that loves to dance? A “beverage of rhythm”!
75. The cocktail always had the best stories – it was quite the “bartender-tainer”!
76. Why was the espresso so confident? It had a real “bold” personality!
77. The soda was feeling “sprite”-ful – it was ready to take on anything!
78. What did the water say when it saw the lemonade? “You’re looking mighty ‘citrus-ational’!”
79. The smoothie loved to tell jokes – it had a real “blend” for humor!
80. Why did the tea go to the concert? It was excited to hear its favorite “tea-music”!
81. The soda was quite philosophical – it pondered life’s “carbonated” mysteries!

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Lorraine Eastman

Lorraine Eastman

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