82+ Hilarious Car Jokes to Keep You Rolling!

Get ready to buckle up for a laughter-filled ride!

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just a casual driver, these uproarious car jokes are guaranteed to put the pedal to the funny metal.

So, sit back, relax, and let the humor steer you in the right direction!

82 Hilarious Car Jokes & Puns List

1. Why couldn’t the car go to the party? Because it had a flat tire.
2. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese.
3. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two-tired!
4. What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? A stick.
5. What do you call a pile of kittens? A meow-ntain.
6. Why couldn’t the bike race? It had a flat tire.
7. What do you call a fake stone in the desert? A sham-rock.
8. Why did the car go to therapy? It couldn’t handle the road rage anymore!
9. Why was the car such a good chef? It knew how to turn up the heat in the engine!
10. What do you call a car that loves to dance? The Hokey-Car!
11. Why did the car join the band? It wanted to play its exhaust pipe like a trombone!
12. How do you organize a fantastic car party? You “sedan” out the invitations!
13. What did the traffic light say to the car? Don’t look, I’m changing!
14. Why did the car break up with its mechanic? It didn’t like being taken for a ride!
15. Why don’t cars like jokes? Because they get tired of being “tire-d”!
16. What did one car say to the other on Valentine’s Day? You auto be mine!
17. Why do cars make terrible comedians? Their timing is always off-track!
18. Why did the car’s phone take a sick day? It had a case of “exhaustion”!
19. What’s a car’s favorite type of music? Brake-beats!
20. Why did the car become an archaeologist? It loved digging up old models!
21. How did the car get a date? It revved up its engine and drove a-wooing!
22. What did the traffic cone say to the car? You drive me round the bend!
23. Why did the car apply for a job at the bakery? It wanted to be a “car-bread-er”!
24. What do you call a car with a faulty memory? An “automemory”!
25. Why did the car become a detective? It had a knack for tire-lessly tracking down suspects!
26. How do cars stay cool in summer? They roll down their windows!
27. Why do cars love to watch scary movies? They enjoy getting “car-ried” away with the suspense!
28. What’s a car’s favorite TV show? “Wheel of Fortune”!
29. Why did the car cross the road? To prove it wasn’t “chicken”!
30. What do you call a car with a Ph.D.? An “auto-didactic”!
31. Why did the car go to art school? It wanted to learn how to “draw” attention!
32. How do cars send emails? They use “signal” lights!
33. What did the car say when it ran out of gas? “I’m fuelish!”
34. Why did the car visit the therapist? It was having an “identity crisis”!
35. What do you call a car that’s an excellent dancer? A “fender-bender”!
36. Why was the car so confident? It had a “steering” personality!
37. What’s a car’s favorite board game? “Car-cassonne”!
38. Why did the car bring a ladder to the party? It heard the drinks were on the “roof”!
39. How do cars stay in shape? They do plenty of “exhaust-ercises”!
40. What did the car say when it won the race? “I’m wheely happy!”
41. Why do cars make terrible magicians? They can’t help revealing their “car-ds”!
42. What’s a car’s favorite dessert? “Tire-amisu”!
43. How do cars avoid getting lost? They use their “navi-guess-tion”!
44. What do you call a car with an attitude? A “motor-mouth”!
45. Why did the car become a detective? It loved solving “motor-mysteries”!
46. What did the car say to the speeding ticket? “You’ve got to be ‘kidding’ me!”
47. Why do cars like visiting the beach? They love riding the “car-ousel”!
48. What do you call a car that’s always on time? A “car-pid”!
49. How do cars keep in touch with each other? They use their “cell-cars”!
50. Why did the car win the Nobel Prize? It had an outstanding “brake-through”!
51. What’s a car’s favorite part of the newspaper? The “car-toons”!
52. How do cars stay focused? They “steer” clear of distractions!
53. Why did the car start meditating? It wanted to find inner “peas”!
54. What do you call a car that loves classical music? A “Bach-mobile”!
55. How do cars stay cool during an argument? They “vent” their frustrations!
56. Why did the car go to the beach? It wanted to “sun-roof”!
57. What do cars say when they finish a workout? “I’m exhaus-ted”!
58. Why did the car’s tomato turn red? It saw the “car-sen” coming!
59. How do cars pay for things? They use their “credit-cars”!
60. What do you call a car that’s good at math? A “calcu-later”!
61. Why do cars make great athletes? They have a lot of “drive”!
62. What’s a car’s favorite type of pasta? “Car-bonara”!
63. How do cars stay connected to their friends? They use their “wheelie” good social skills!
64. Why did the car become an actor? It loved “cruising” on the stage!
65. What’s a car’s favorite type of music? “Car-tunes”!
66. How do cars take pictures? They say “Cheese-wheely”!
67. Why did the car become a teacher? It had a lot of “drive” to educate!
68. What’s a car’s favorite movie genre? “Drive-in” cinema!
69. Why did the car’s date go so well? They had a “wheel-y” great time!
70. How do cars stay calm? They take frequent “brake-s”!
71. What’s a car’s favorite activity at the amusement park? The “bumper-cars”!
72. Why did the car refuse to go camping? It didn’t want to deal with the “in-tents”!
73. How do cars communicate underwater? They use “buoyant technology”!
74. What’s a car’s favorite social media platform? “Insta-gas”!
75. Why did the car start a band? It wanted to be “car-tists”!
76. What’s a car’s favorite exercise? “Sit-ups”!
77. Why did the car invite its friends over for dinner?It wanted to show off its “grill”!
78. How do cars send secret messages? They use “tail-light encryption”!
79. What did the car say to the bicycle? “Get in gear, slowpoke!”
80. Why did the car go on strike? It was tired of being “ex-hausted”!
81. How do cars find their soulmates? They use “radi-car-dating”!
82. What’s a car’s favorite game show? “Wheel of Fortune”! (A classic, but still a winner!)

Now that you’ve cruised through our collection of car jokes, we hope you’ve had a wheelie good time!

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