Chris JonasHi. I’m Chris Jones. I’m just the health and fitness coach that you have been looking for.

I offer just the right tools for weight loss, time management, fitness, and managing your health goals.

I will use a teaching methodology to bring you just the fitness wisdom you need.


What makes me special?

How am I different from other fitness coaches?

My style of coaching puts you at the center of what I teach.

I won’t begin from a certain plan and impose it on you.

Instead, I will take the time to learn about you, your fitness goals, your lifestyle, and where you see yourself.

We will engage in conversation together, and I will learn about you through these.

Rest assured, all that you tell me will be looked at holistically. I come from an empathetic, non-judgmental standpoint so that both of us can creatively approach your fitness goals.

I will explore all the techniques and theories in the fitness world with you.

You will see the history and the contemporary, the natural, and the ‘energy drugs’ and be able to judge the right routine for your life.


What will you get from me?

I am here to understand your desires and tailor the right plan for you to reach your goals.

I believe that being fit is not a momentary rush towards a goal. Instead, it is about tuning in to your body and mind and see exactly what the two need.

The physical, spiritual, and mental connection is what contributes to true fitness.

The right coach can transform your body and mind in the right direction. There are all kinds of coaches in the fitness world today.

You will find performance coaches, form coaches, nutrition, and style coaches. All of them have certifications and bring you their area of expertise.

Here I am to bring you all of the mind, body, and spiritual coaching that lead to the ultimate fitness experience for you.

If you had had a hard time following a good nutrition plan, here I am for you.

If fat-loss has been an issue, look no further.

My coaching methods are tailored to blend in with your life. I will be empathetic to your problems because I have faced some difficult circumstances myself.

Today, I choose to bring these experiences to transform your life.


More about me

Over the years, my life was filled with trials and tribulations. I faced several difficulties with weight, body image, and self-doubt.

This was not all. My life was also filled with psychological conditions at an all-time low. I faced body shaming through my teenage years.

I was considered too thin and was not able to put on any weight despite my best efforts.

In today’s world, body shaming has become synonymous with fat-shaming. This is not always the case. With me, it was the other way around.

The patriarchal society that I grew up in made me feel inadequate due to my thin body. As I was growing up, I internalized all of the shaming, and it became a sorrowful part of me.

It made life very difficult, and I slipped into depression.

As I grew older, I felt mediocre and even more inadequate than I did before. For the longest time, this was what others told me. But soon, it became a part of my identity as I came to believe it myself.

I could not carry on in this way. I had to change my perspective both for my body and mind. This is where my journey began.

I had been seeing several fitness coaches and taking online classes to put my life together. So far, nothing had worked. At this point, I began to be intentional about it and take control of my own fitness and diet.

Surprisingly, this is exactly what worked for me. As soon as I started seeing gains, I began giving my friends a little advice here and there.

I was able to successfully plan their diet and give them fitness routines. At this point, I knew that I was on the right path.

I wondered if there was anything else mattered in fitness. I quickly realized that the missing block was happiness. Yes, a happy mind is crucial to fitness.

I brought unique, focused plans to people’s lives. I began coaching and training people in sessions.


How did I get where I am?

I didn’t rely just on myself. I read on fitness for countless hours and educated myself on just what makes a healthy body and mind.

I joined several courses and attended conferences to learn the exact balance between physical and mental fitness. As I learned more, I realized that the best knowledge is one that is shared.

How did I share my knowledge? I began taking online classes on Facebook and other social media sites. The reception was brilliant. My approach was simple.

I figured out people’s body type and suggested what they should eat based on that. This, combined with an in-depth analysis of their lifestyles and goals, came across as great, customized coaching that drove results.

When people began to love my work, I decided to take it to the next level. I chose to begin my journey as a fitness and health coach.

Here I am now to solve all problems related to your health. Based on your goals, I will choose just the right plan for you.

Further, I won’t treat your fitness as a goal in isolation. You’ll work together with me to look into other areas of your life and see where fitness can come in.


What should you expect?

Further, I don’t come with a vision for what your body should look like. Instead, I will work on your vision for your body and make this a reality for you.

While I will give you research-backed diet and exercise plans, it is your responsibility to make it sustainable. If you work with me, I will keep you accountable, and we will reach your goals together.

What can this do for you? Yes. You will get fit. I will also be able to reduce your stress levels and improve your relationships.

Losing your stress will often come with losing fat. What else will you have access to? I will teach you how to make healthy food that is delicious.

You will also learn pre-workout routines and post-workout recovery. Through these, you will be able to avoid any injuries and get the best out of your workout routine.

You will get results with me because I will teach you how to look at fitness from a different perspective.

Through this, you will be able to look at yourself through a new lens. Your mentality thought patterns, and beliefs will change to favor yourself.

You will be able to treat yourself kindly and prevent any sabotaging behavior.

Yes, coaching does take time. How long will I work with you? I recommend a three-month coaching session to get the best results from my method.

It takes about three months on average for fitness methods to get results. I offer genuine services, and your time will not be wasted.

Have you been struggling with a bad body image? Has your athletic performance been mediocre? Here I am with just the right routine for you.

Get in touch with me. Together, we can put your life back together.

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